What is Saby Plugin

What is Saby Plugin

Saby Plugin — desktop application for convenient work in your personal account on online.sbis.ru. It allows you to:

  • work with an electronic signature;
  • log in to your personal account using a certificate;
  • get notifications about new events: messages, video calls;
  • work with attached documents: edit, upload, scan, and so on;
  • get access to the Saby Disk on the device;
  • configure postponed signing of documents and reports;
  • organize the work of ACS, including desktop fingerprint scanner;
  • preview a formalized attachment when adding it to a document;
  • create and edit screenshots, as well as record videos;
  • connect the Saby Disk module, where you can safely store and share files;
  • send email messages directly from Saby and more.

Together with the application, the SBIS3Plugin system service is installed to automatically update the Saby Plugin, connect it to the browser when working in terminal mode, and more.

The Saby Plugin work is divided into separate processes. If any module stops working, it will not affect the application as a whole.

Where to start

Download the Saby Plugin when you first log in to your personal account using a certificate or a direct link. Install application. After the process is completed, the program will run automatically.

For full operation, configure the Saby Plugin.

  1. Ensure that the Saby Plugin has access to the Internet by configuring an antivirus program, firewall, or blocking applications.
  2. Launch the browser plugins.
  3. Configure notifications and connection of the Saby Plugin to network.
  4. Enable additional features of the app: Saby screenshots and videos, as well as Saby Disk.
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